Widow Jane 10 years – A wonderful Bourbon from Brooklyn

Widow Jane is a distillery located in Brooklyn that started in 2012. For their oldest expression, they source the spirit at the heart of the Bourbon production, in Kentucky, at a distillery that is not disclosed, but certainly a big name. When the spirit comes to New-York, two things happen:

  • It is diluted with limestone water from upstate New York, from the Widow Jane old mine (see at the end)

  • It is aged a few more months at the distillery.





The mashbill is 70% corn, 20% rye and 10% Barley. After distillation and maturation process in Kentucky, the Bourbon is diluted with the famous Widow Jane water, and a few months of maturation are added in Brooklyn.



Sweet, a bit buttery, honey, toffee and some citrus notes.



Sweet corn, maple syrup, orange, vanilla and pepper



Medium length, chocolate, rye spice, still orange and a little flowery in the very end.



Gold medal in the category of Bourbon over 5 years in 2017.




Very pleasant for the nose and the palate, this Bourbon gets even better with a little air time, so don’t hesitate to swirl it in the glass or wait some time before drinking.



No, you haven’t drunk too much: the label is really upside down! This bottle number #10 is coming from a limited release of a hundred bottles only that the distillery creates every 100 barrels. It is coming from an initial labeling mistake that inspired the idea of creating a special release every 100 barrels of the 10 years old.

It is called the “dregs”, as it takes the very bottom of each barrel, offering a deeper influence of the wood and a fantastic smoothness. The color is much darker and the taste more intense.

Then, if you liked the 10 years, you will love the “Dregs”.

 To avoid a straight neck, here is the upside down label, upside down!

A very nice Bourbon, well balanced that please all the senses. To pair with cherries and or chocolate (dark chocolate better).



The name comes from a limestone mine in Rosendale, NY, two-hour drive from Manhattan, that closed down in 1970. After the owner’s death, the mine was named after his wife, Jane, beloved by the community. The mine became “Widow Jane’s mine”. There is spring water coming from this abandoned mine with an excellent mineral content due to its filtration by the limestone layers. Using this water as a key component of the make of their whiskies, no wonder why the distillery took Widow Jane’s name.

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What is the quantity of whisky poured during an experience?

The overall dose of whisky poured corresponds to the alcohol content of two glasses of wine. More is always offered as long as no driving is involved and safety ensured. The responsible behavior of each guest is expected.

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