The Glenlivet “Code”: the mysterious whisky just launched in the USA!

The Glenlivet distillery, located in the heart of the Speyside in Scotland, is releasing a new whisky expression with a strange name: the CODE.

Indeed, conversely to all whiskies launched so far with a full description of the make and the tasting notes, the CODE is a complete mystery concerning its craft and its aromas and flavors. For the fun, here is the description of the whisky from The Glenlivet:


CASK: Confidential


NOSE: Unrevealed


PALATE: Undisclosed


FINISH: Classified


As you can see, not much of any hint…!



This is coming from Alan Winchester himself, the Glenlivet Master Distiller.

He offers to all whisky aficionados an opportunity to crack the CODE of the whisky nosing and the tasting notes.

First, you should get a bottle or at least a dram of the Glenlivet CODE.

The Glenlivet Brand Ambassador is pouring the very first drops of the Glenlivet CODE in the US.


Then you go online (see the link at the end). The Master Distiller will give you some hints on the four main aromas for the nosing and on the four main flavors on the tasting.



Actually, the Glenlivet already created such peculiar expressions in the past, launched without any tasting notes: the Alpha and the Cipher releases, but they were not available in the United States.

It is then the first time that a Glenlivet mystery whisky is ever launched in the country!



  • Now we get the color, deep copper


  • And the taste? Delicious!


  • But don’t count on me to uncover my notes (see below anyway…), so, exceptionally, there will be no description of the nose, palate and finish, as everyone should taste it unbiased: that’s the innovation.


  • The packaging is all black and gold, looking very good


  • The bottle itself is also black: you can’t even guess the color of the spirit if you don’t open it!


Intriguing isn’t it?

Do you feel you have a good nose and palate? Or do you want to find out whether you have a good nose and palate?

Try this link online to meet with Alan Winchester and the CODE challenge!

Based on your proposal, you will get a percentage of “CODE cracking”! GOOD LUCK.

By the way, I have taken it, and the result is:

I hope you get to that level!


If not yet, why don’t you take a masterclass? There are plenty to come to accommodate all levels, from novice to experts, from experiences to classes. just check on this link:

With The Glenlivet Brand Ambassador


Do I need to be over 21 to attend?

Yes, this is a legal requirement for all classes and events

What is the quantity of whisky poured during an experience?

The overall dose of whisky poured corresponds to the alcohol content of two glasses of wine. More is always offered as long as no driving is involved and safety ensured. The responsible behavior of each guest is expected.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the nature of the events we do not offer any refunds

What is the required minimum level to attend Whisky Ambassador course?

There is no requirement, but it is best to have taken at least the "Tasting Fundamentals" experience and one Masterclass before. This will increase significantly the chances of succeeding the exam.

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