Date(s) :- 11/22/2018
Time : 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location :The Heldrich - New Brunswick , New Jersey


 The intimate alchemy of Whisky and Wood

This Masterclass will guide you into the universe of wood maturation, wood finish and in general the influence of the wood on the whisky flavor.

This will be an amazing journey that will drive the attendees step by step to decipher the various wood influences and to enjoy the refined whiskies at a great extent.

What you get:

You will enjoy 7 whiskies coming from these distilleries

  • Glenmorangie: Dr Bill Lumsden, the iconic Master Distiller, was visionary and has innovated a lot in the wood finishes. We’ll look into his work and compare some of his creations.

  • Kavalan , the pride of Taiwan, more than 220 medals and awards for the whiskies of this distillery, among them, the best single Malt of the World in 2015. They have used their climate as an advantage, transforming the high Angel’s share into a unique maturation signature allowing them to master the cask strength wood expression. We’ll learn the secrets of Ian Chang, the multi awarded Master Blender, through one of his famous Solist Cask strength.

  • Balvenie: the distillery won the famous “Best Speyside Whisky” at the prestigious World Whisky Award in 2013, and have a countless number of gold medals for their expressions.

  • Glenfiddich: the distillery won the 2018 best innovative distillery at the prestigious World Whisky Award. We’ll taste their 21 years old expression.

Along with the whisky tasting, there will be some fun learning:

  • A review of the mechanism of wood flavor transfer,

  • A learning about the initial content of the cask (Sherry, Rum, Wine) complemented by their sensory exploration

This innovative and enjoyable experience will be entertained by Franck,

international Whisky Experience Specialist.

who will share the stories he collected by visiting all these distilleries and discussing with the master distillers.

He is always creating a warm and interactive atmosphere, using hands-on educational material, that leads to a lot of fun and appreciation.


In the end, you will

Experience Whisky Like Never Before!

The whiskies tasted may vary from the picture upon availability, for more information on what will be served, ask a question to the site.

For those who want to have dinner at the Heldrich restaurant afterwards (encouraged), you will get a 15% discount on food that same evening

The Heldrich
10 Livingston AvenuE
New Brunswick
New Jersey


Ticket Type Price Spaces
Ticket Single $68.00
Ticket for a couple $115.00


Do I need to be over 21 to attend?

Yes, this is a legal requirement for all classes and events

What is the quantity of whisky poured during an experience?

The overall dose of whisky poured corresponds to the alcohol content of two glasses of wine. More is always offered as long as no driving is involved and safety ensured. The responsible behavior of each guest is expected.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the nature of the events we do not offer any refunds

What is the required minimum level to attend Whisky Ambassador course?

There is no requirement, but it is best to have taken at least the "Tasting Fundamentals" experience and one Masterclass before. This will increase significantly the chances of succeeding the exam.

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